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By Paul Silveira

"I was looking for a nice and affordable GUI tool for a great database like PostgreSQL. Looking and trying for about 2 months between different tools I finally decided that PGLA is the way to go. With almost any feature that you could imagine or need and a price of $29.99 USD, this tool is amazing from top to bottom. Nice and modern interface, tabbed working areas, grant manager, database maintenance, query builder, data exporting, query editor with auto completion and syntax highlighting etc. You name it and you got it. As an independent developer, the price was attractive but what comes with it is even better. AM Software Design has support for this product that is awesome. My emails were replied to within a day and my suggestions accepted instantly.
Do yourself a favor and ease your Postgresql development with it. With a holiday price discount you can have a coffee cup priced tool that has great features and support."

Goran Andelkovic
Independent DB developer

"This product is fantastic; I can't speak highly enough of it. When they say it’s what pgAdmin should have been, they aren't joking. It really is a killer app if you want to do any kind of serious PostgreSQL development and want a GUI that actually makes your job easier. The Query Editor combined with the Results Grid Viewer rivals SQL
Server Query Analyzer for ease of use, and takes the effort out of administering and developing with PostgreSQL. I work with BLOBs a lot and the blob viewer just blew me away - no other enterprise-class DB management tool provides this kind of functionality AT ALL, never mind at this price.
The support is the best I have ever had from any software company - talk about rapid response!
Definitely the best PostgreSQL GUI I have used (and I’ve tried a few). I now use it instinctively when I need to work with PostgreSQL. "

Bob Walker,

Lead Developer, Enterprise Systems
The new home of apso and cre8tiv

"Don't let the low price fool you, PGLA is one of the best Postgresql GUI admin programs available. Others companies I looked at where charging anywhere from 99 dollars to 200 dollars for similar programs. Do yourself a favor and buy this program, you won't regret it. ( Sorry but I can't reveal the name of my company)"

Todd Hanson
Vice President
Large Midwest Financial Institution.

"The best value available for Postgresql.
I was using PG Admin III, but I became frustrated with it's function editor, it's only slightly more advanced than Notepad. I also didn't like the fact that the PG Admin III function editor would never maximize properly and hold it's position. PG Admin III is completely dialog based, everything is a dialog box. PGLA has a super productive tabbed based MDI system that is just incredible. PGLA also allows you to Print and export tables as PDF.

For 29 dollars this application is a steal, the SQL editor alone is worth that price."

Robert Johnson.
Senior DBA