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Administer Postgresql/MySQL databases on any OS including Solaris,BSD,Linux,win32.

       (basically any platform Postgresql/MySQL runs on).

IDE style editors for functions,queries and views.
Natively compiled for C++ like speed and power.
Function Version Control
Full Support for Postgresql 8.1 IN/INOUT/OUT function parameters
Tabbed MDI (multiple document interface) style Interface which works similar to a word processor.
The Editors feature full code completion, Parameter Hints, and full syntax highlighting.
The Editors have full drag and drop editing, and will accept drag and drops from the databases schema tree view.
Tabbed based Enterprise Manager, each database and it's schema is opened in it's own tab.
Built in SSH tunnel capability.
Filtering MDI tabs. When a database is selected/opened, the MDI task bar only shows open objects associated with that

particular tab, which makes it easy to keep track of where open objects belong.

Full backup and restore capabilities.  A backup or restore is just a right-click away.
Query Editor is threaded and allows long running queries to be canceled.
GUI Query Builder, accessed from the Query Editor's menu bar.
Query Editor keeps a log/history of executed SQL queries
Query Editor saves it's contents and restores the next time you open the editor.
Query Editor has a temp table watch window, which allows for easy debugging.
Full printing of DDL/Metadata and results sets.
Print preview allows the displayed data to be printed or exported as PDF, Word, Excel etc.
All Data grids are sortable and show a sort arrow in the column header.
All Data grids have a form view, which really helps when viewing large records.
All Data grids have full import/export capabilities such as comma/custom separated, tabbed or fixed width. You may export to the clipboard or a file.
The query data grid allows the result set to be filtered.
Quick View table view which will bring the the Top rows of a table or all rows.
Full featured grid based Grant Manager that supports the with grant option.
Server status monitor that allows queries running through the backend to be captured (command string must be enabled).
Environment options allow many features to be customized by the user.
Field names can be copied to the clipboard.
Dependency viewer
View and edit the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf files.
Remotely reload the servers configuration files
Blob Viewer (bytea)
Import/Export Wizard
Unicode enabled query and function editors