Server Groups

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Server Groups allow the user to put server connections into groups to better organize the Enterprise Manager.

To create a new group you can right click on the servers node and select "Add Server Group"


The groups will appear in the Enterprise Manager as globe icons.



The number in parenthesis is the number of connections the group contains.

The Servers node still shows the total number of servers.
The group nodes are not included in that count.



Once a group is added you can add existing connections two ways:


1.Drag and Drop
For Drag and Drop you simply drag the existing connection to the group you would like it to belong to.

You can also remove a group by dragging it to the Servers Node.

2.Server Connection properties dialog
You can also add existing connections by right clicking the connection and selecting "Server Properties"

From the dialog you can use the Group drop down box to set or change the existing group.

To remove a group simply delete the group name so the box is blank and click the OK button.


You may also rename a group by right clicking the group and selecting "Rename Server Group" or

drop it by selecting "Drop"


In order to drop a group it must be empty.


There is also a Flash screen cam of this feature in action available here.