Run LA on Linux?

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NOTE: We will not officially support running on Linux via WINE because it is still in beta and a very moving target.


With that in mind:


Currently LA runs very well on Linux with the latest version of WINE which at the time of this writing was

version 0.9.15.


We highly recommend if you are going to run with WINE, that you use the latest version available.  During our testing WINE version 0.9.14 did not work as well as the later 0.9.15 version.  With .14 the export wizard raised errors while with .15 it did not.


We also found that it worked better if you DID NOT let the native window manger manage WINE apps, with the managed windows you could not minimize or maximize because the buttons where missing.


All of our testing on Linux was done with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.