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Auto Indent

Will indent the caret on new lines with the same amount of leading white space as the preceding line.

Enhance Home Key

Enhances home key positioning, similar to visual studio.

Enhance End Key

Enhances End key positioning, similar to JDeveloper.

Scroll Past Eof

Allows the cursor to go past the end of file marker.

Scroll Past Eol

Allows the cursor to go past the last character into the white space at the end of a line.

Show Special Characters

Shows the special Characters.

Smart Tab Delete

Similar to Smart Tabs, but when you delete characters.

Smart Tabs

When tabbing, the cursor will go to the next non-white space character of the previous line.

Tab Indent

When active <Tab> and <Shift><Tab> act as block indent, unindent when text is selected.

Tabs To Spaces

Converts a tab character to a specified number of space characters.

Trim Trailing Spaces

Spaces at the end of lines will be trimmed and not saved.