PostgreSQL libpq.dll and pg_dump/restore compiled with no Visual C++ deps from 9.0 to 8.2

We have compiled OpenSSL,libpq.dll,pg_dump and pg_restore all the way back to 8.2 and will
be including these versions in the next update of Lightning Admin, this means you will have access to versions of pg_dump/restore from 9.0 all the way to 8.2 and we have added a cool new feature to Lightning Admin that lets you easily select from any available version. You can set the default backup/restore directory from the Environment Options dialog and the backup/restore dialogs in Lightning Admin will show the pg_dump/restore version numbers in the caption.

The client libs and pg_dump/restore have all been compiled with mingw and the very latest OpenSSL 1.0 release.

If anyone is interested I can also make the client libs a seperate download as they are great for lightweight deployment and will run just fine even on the oldest windows 2000 install without having to install the Visual C++ redistributable package.
Even the SSL DLLs have no visual C++ runtime dependencies other than the MSVCRT.DLL which is on 99.9 percent of modern windows OSes.