Version 2.0 Beta 1 Coming Soon!!!!

First check out this screen shot showing a alternate docking layout. You can arrange the layout any way you like.
Version 2.0 is going to rock and all current registered users will have acess to the first beta when released in the next couple of weeks. All new users who purchase the current full version will also be entitled to the beta test and the full 2.0 version when released. This is a great deal as it's going to be a huge and significant release. Also because of the great new features and the combined IDE we are going to eventually raise the price to $99.99, so everyone can get a great deal if they purchase now for the current price of 24.99.
The first beta will focus on the query editor and the server explorer. As we continue to add features we will release additional betas until we reach feature parity with the current stand alone versions.
Here are some of the great new features that will be in version 2.0

  1. Brand new editor that simply rocks....Code folding, enchanced code completion and param hints plus much more.
  2. Combined PGSQL and MySQL IDE, no more stand alone versions. All supported databases will get equal attention now.
  3. Full Visual Studio style docking support with document tabs that can be undocked, this means if youhave a multi monitor setup you can undock a query window or table editor and move it to your second monitor.
  4. Enhanced tool bars and menu/bars merging.
  5. Unlimited depth grouping support in the Server Explorer, you can group connections any way you want.
  6. PostgreSQL PL/pgsql debugger support. Edit and debug in the same interface.
  7. Multi host query script execution, run the same script on serveral servers at the same time, great for easily updating clusters.
  8. All new multi db capable core connection class. Version 2.0 is designed from the begining to be able to easily add support for morejust PGSQL and MySQL.
  9. Multiple look and feel selections will be available, like the office 2003 look? No problem it's just a click away
  10. Overall code improvments and refactoring make updating and maintaing the product easier which means better support for our customers.

We would also like to add enhanced SSH tunnel support and a new and improved query builder, and in order to do this we need your support so we can purchase the new licenses for these new libraries. At 24.99 your risk is so small how can you not pick up a copy or even a few copies. The more copies we sell the better version 2.0 will be. Poor sales mean less incentive to do these updates, so buy buy buy :-)