Version 2 information

We have decided not to use C# for version 2.
Version 2 will use Delphi.  There are a couple of reasons we decided not to convert to C#.
First, we could not find a decent import/export library and would have had to write our ownfrom scratch and the state of Syntax Highlighter controls for winforms is pretty bad.
We updated our developer express controls to the latest versions and are going to rewritethe program from scratch with multi database support designed in from the begining alongwith full docking support, we will reuse as many of the forms from the current PGSQL andmysql versions, so it's should be finished around or a little bit after Delphi 2008 is released.
We have had a license for the Advanced Memo control for years now, but when it first cameout it's performance was not that good, so we used Synedit instead. the newer versions of AdvMemo don't have the performance hit so we will be using it in v2.
The initial version will not have ANY unicode support, but this is not a bad thing as Delphi 2008which is due out on the next 3 to 4 months will be fully Unicode enabled, and that means LAwill be as well, so with that in mind we will be sticking to stock controls where we can andthe Dev Express controls(I have good word there will be no issue with unicode support).
We also plan to full localize version 2 with as many languages as possible.  The first will beEnglish and Italian, we will then publish the localized strings list for anyone to add newlanguage support.
All in all we are very excited about Delphi 2008.  The next release of Delphi after that will havefull native 64bit support, so at that time we will also offer 64bit compiled versions of LA as well.
That's all for now.
Tony Caduto