50% Off Sale Extended to the release of version 2.0

From now until the time we release the final 2.0 version we are offering Lightning Admin for $24.99.

Why are we doing this?  Well we plan on raising the price to 99.99 for version 2.0 since it is such a significant update
and to keep in line with the price other companies are charging for similar products.   So for $24.99 you get the current
versions of LA along with access to the 2.0 beta test version which is going to be released shortly. 
The Beta will only be available to registered users.

So in conclusion: For $24.99 you get BOTH products as well as access to the beta test.

In Addition all registered usrs will get the 2.0 production version(when released) for free.
Please help support current and future development by purchasing a copy at this great price.

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