LA Multi-Script

LA Multi-Script is a simple script editor that complements our Lightning Admin product.
You must purchase a copy of Lightning Admin to get a copy.
It is available to all future,past and current users of Lightning Admin.

What is it? Well, as I said it's a simple script editor, it does not have all the fancy editor features of lightning Admin. It's main purpose is to execute existing SQL scripts on many selected servers at the same time.

This utility program is extremely handy for use in a Enterprise environment where you may need to update many servers in a cluster at the same time. Multi-Script is fully multi-threaded and each delimited query runs in it's own thread with output going to a tab that is dedicated to that particular connection. The output is rendered in a console type text mode similar to the way PSQL outputs results. This allows Multi-script to display multiple results sets with ease.

Screen Shots

The Editor   Output