FREE AM Lightning Debugger Client version 1.0 Available NOW

We are pleased to announce a new FREE community program called AM Lightning Debugger Client.
AM Lightning Debugger is a client for PostgreSQL servers version 8.2 and up that have the PL/pgSQL debugger plugin installed. AM Lightning Debugger is a stand alone program that does not require the use of any admin program and should be perfect for those that prefer to use the psql command line program.

NOTE: We have tested on the latest version of WINE and the results were very good, however we will not provide any support except the peer support forums for running on WINE.

Download now

View a ScreenCam of the running debugger client

Please post questions, bug reports and feature requests on
our support forums.

The debugger client can be integrated into the Lightning Admin Function editor.  If you would like to see this in the full version of LA, please show support buy purchasing a full copy of LA.