Why should I use Lightning Admin instead of the Free pgAdmin III?

First, here as some links to what people have said about Lightning Admin in blogs:

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We totally understand that the first thing users are going to go for is pgAdmin III, it's free after all, but there
are some key advantages to using Lightning Admin instead, especially if you use Windows as your Desktop OS.

  1. Built with a native win32 RAD compiler(CodeGear Delphi), while at first this might not seem like a big deal as pgAdmin III is
    also a native app on win32, but the key difference is RAD (Rapid Application Design). By being RAD
    Lightning Admin can be developed much faster than the C++ based pgAdmin III.
  2. Lightning Admin is much more feature rich, we use full featured grids from Developer Express.
    pgAdmin III can not match the grids used in Lightning Admin.
  3. Powerful Reporting Capabilities, Lightning Admin uses Fast Report to provide nice looking reports and printing.
  4. Grid based Grant Manager that knocks the socks off of pgAdmin III.
  5. Built in SSH tunnel capabilities
  6. Excellent Import and Export ability.
  7. Ability to group server connections
  8. Enhanced Function Editor with Code Completion and Schema Completion.
  9. Query Builder.


Plus many more features. While Lightning Admin is not free, it's very inexpensive and you get top notch support
with your inexpensive purchase.

The choice is yours of course, but we feel you lose nothing as Lightning Admin's price is very very reasonable
and pg Admin III will always be around.