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Home of Lightning Admin for MySQL® and PostgreSQL.
A great alternative to pgAdmin III

Lightning Admin is available for only $49.99
 You get both versions for the same low price.

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Lightning Admin RELEASED

We are pleased to announce that version has been released.

This is a bug fix release with no new features.

Lightning Admin will no longer actively support 7.4 or 8.0 versions of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is dropping support for versions 7.4 and 8.0 and because of this I see no reason to spend time making sure LA works on these versions.

Update for PostgreSQL just about ready

Been working on updating LA for PGSQL 9.0 and it's looking good, just finishing up

New issue tracker

In order to help facilitate upgrading Lightning Admin we have added a new feature tracker: http://www.lightningadmin.com/mantisbt

New web page and purchasing model in the works

We are working on a new web page and will be changing the purchasing model to a software subscription based system in the near future.

PostgreSQL libpq.dll and pg_dump/restore compiled with no Visual C++ deps from 9.0 to 8.2

We have compiled OpenSSL,libpq.dll,pg_dump and pg_restore all the way back to 8.2 and will

What's been going on with Lightning Admin?

Well, in the last year or so, not much.  Because of the US economy tanking and a new addition to my family I have

Lightning Admin demo updated

The demo has been updated and is a unlimted use demo, it has a slow splash screen and

Lightning Admin is not dead!!!!!

Now that PGSQL 9.0 is out we will be updating LA so it works with it.  We will be testing on the bitcoin trader trading platform to identify any problems with the software

Lightning Admin version 1.5 build 121 released

We just released a new 1.5 version to registered users.

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